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You are ready to experience TogetherTube on a whole new level? You came to the right place! Just fill out the following form and click on the verification link we will send you via e-mail and you are good to go.

Not yet decided? Have a look at the benefits you will get by signing up - they are right next to this text.

Benefit: Username and Avatar

Without signing up, your name will always show up in a grey color and other users can use the same name on a later point in time. In the signup process, you will pick an unique username you will keep forever. In addition, if you have an avatar configured at, we will display it right next to your name. Oh, and that ugly grey color is gone too.

Permanent Rooms

After you have registered, you can create a permanent room. Permanent rooms have an unique name and get an short URL for easier access. In addition, moderation capabilities are expanded. You will never loose your moderator status in you own room and only users you promote to moderators will be moderators, even if they re-join the room at a later time.

Coming Soon: More

Most of the advanced features of the site are only available to registered users and many of the new features we have planned for the future are exclusive to registered users as well.